Kitty Kat (supermeowykitty) wrote,
Kitty Kat

paaain for pleaure (meooow me meow meowwwww)

So Disneyland is really where dreams come true..

This has been this best week ever, and it doesn't even end until sunday..

The pool has a pirateous water slide, we've dined with goofy and friends nearly every day, the steakhouse is even better than wolfgang puck, pirates and haunted mansion have no wait late at night, I actually got to see Sunita, the room is so decadently decorated with mickey and friends... I wish I never had to go back to the real world of work and school.

I'm so excited to graduate next year and then from grad school the year after and be able to be a real person.. like a 100% adult.

I am so luck to have a good friend like Skot take care of my house and my sweet pets, and a nice boyfriend to share this trip with. Getting hit with a car and having 2-3 years of my life completely ruined was really hard- it prevented me from doing pretty much everything imaginable. But this vacation has almost made up for all of that horror- so thank you Todd Falk- you divorced, unemployed, 3Xdrunk driving accident causing, broke and in debt, being sued for child support, father who neglects his children; for totaling my car and ruining 2-3 years of my life so that I could afford this vacation. I only wish that Mark could have been here more than anything, as he is the only reason I even graduated after all that happened, but we will come back over summer or in the fall (at least he isn't in Japan with all the earthquake madness!!)

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