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how can i be satisfied when everythign is overated?

haha ok so updating my LJ 3X in one day IS pretty crazy...

but i guess class is just mad booooriinnggg!

I'm training for a half marathon at D-Land!! (our 2nd home..) in september so my legs hurt crazy bad and after I run I get really high and think I'm upside down and forget people's names and stuff.. hahah. At least I've lost like a zillion pounds haha.

I was running out the cliffs today and part of them fell off.. it was so crazy, it's all over the news. There was just this HUGE pile of cliff all over the rocks below. The runner's path where I jogged yesterday isn't even there anymore!!

I'm also addicted to making super gourmet healthy meals from KPBS' sat morning cooking shows and sam the cooking guy (on channel 4 after the games and randomly).

I SO hate school, but can't wait for summer and the rest of my friends to come home and also my bunny is way cute and hoping around and my kitty is shaved and kinda annoying but still adorable.

Enough for today!
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